The Machine Versus the French Press

I got tired of having to use a drip cup in order to make my coffee every morning. I got one many years ago because I was a college kid without any money to afford a good coffee machine. The cup takes too much time for me, especially when I need to get out in the morning. A friend of mine recommended I get a french press, but that seemed like it took even more time. I decided to just look at the best coffee makers on Cuppabean and buy one that would sit on my kitchen counter top and make me coffee whenever I needed it.

My friend was still trying to push the french press idea on me, but I didn’t want one. He said it was the best way to make coffee and no machine could ever beat it. I told him that we would see once my coffee maker arrived in the mail. That’s when my friend challenged me to a bet. We would taste each others coffee after being freshly brewed, and the best coffee would be declared the winner. I accepted the bet, and added the stipulation that the loser would have to make coffee using the competitor’s preferred method for one year.

I brewed a cup of coffee with the new machine and my friend brewed one with his trusty french press. We took a sip of both and compared the two cups. Both my friend and I agreed that the machine brew tasted better, and my friend agreed to shelve his french press in favor of the machine for an entire year. It’s a good thing that I won the bet, because if I had lost, I would have bought the machine for nothing, and would have had to return it in favor of a french press.